1971 Plymouth

Road Runner

Plymouth Road Runner . 1971 brought the first major changes, including what Plymouth called "an all new body;" John E. Herlitz's groundbreaking styling featured swoopy lines, and large, looping bumper/grill assemblies. The Road Runner's wheelbase went down from 116 to 115 inches, and the engines were changed to meet emissions standards; the 383 went from 335 to 300 hp, and the 440+6 went from 390 to 385. The Hemi squeaked through with its original 425 hp (sources vary on net horsepower; many have noted that Chrysler appears to have deliberately under-rated the Hemi. Advantages of the 1971 redesign include a three-inch wider rear track for better handling, flush door handles and ventless side glass for better aerodynamics (higher top speeds and lower noise), and options such as sun roofs, "tuff" steering wheels, functional air-grabber scoops - a highly desirable option now, especially since they could be opened or closed at the press of a button - and more features. This 1971 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi-Recreation has an upgraded 472cid/525hp Hemi V8 with a 727 automatic transmission with a slapstick shifter. It has an Air Grabber hood, rear spoiler, and power steering. It is painted in Hemi Orange.
Price - $ 50,000 OBO